Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pengertian Efektivitas dan efisiensi

Understanding Effectiveness and efficiency

The effectiveness of the achievement of objectives in an appropriate merupakam or selecting appropriate goals of a series of alternative or choice of ways and the choice of several options. Effectiveness can also be interpreted as a measure of success in achieving the goals that have been determined. For example, if a task can be completed with elections in ways that have been determined, the way it is right or effective.

While efficiency is a minimum use of resources in order to achieve optimum results. Efficiency assumes that the true objectives have been determined and trying to find ways to best achieve these goals. Efficiency can only be evaluated with relative judgments, comparing the input and output are acceptable. For example to complete a task, how to take one hour of A is the way B takes two hours, then a more efficient way than the way B. In other words, these tasks can be completed using the correct way or efficiency.

Effectiveness is doing the right task, while efficiency is to do the job properly. Effective solution is not necessarily efficient and vice versa. Which could effectively require a very large resource efficient while perhaps take a long time. So that as much as possible the effectiveness and efficiency could achieve the optimum level for both.