Friday, May 28, 2010

Pengertian Peta

Understanding Maps

According to the ICA (International Cartographic Association)
Map is a description or representation ketampakan abstract elements selected from the earth's surface that had something to do with the surface of the earth or celestial bodies, which are generally depicted on a flat fields and reduced / scaled.

According Aryono Prihandito (1988)
Map is the image of the earth's surface with a certain scale, drawn on a plane through a particular projection system.

According to Erwin Raisz (1948)
Maps is the conventional picture of the earth ketampakan reduced as ketampakannya when viewed vertically from above, drawn on a plane and added as an explanatory writings.

According to the Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping (Bakosurtanal 2005) Map of a vehicle for the presentation of data storage and environmental conditions, a source of information for planners and decision making in stages and levels of development.