Thursday, June 10, 2010

Definisi Kurikulum

Definition of curriculum

The term curriculum is used at first in the world of sports in ancient Greece. Curriculum is derived from Greek words meaning runners and Curere Curir means a place to race. Curriculum means a distance that must be taken by the runner. Taking the meaning of the formula above, the definition of curriculum in education is the number of subjects who hrus undertaken or completed by learners to gain ijzah.

The formula or the constraints that the curriculum was first used in education. On the basis of the same limitations, most of the practitioners of education up to now no other view that the curriculum taught at several schools. Noting limitations in the curriculum, implied two main things, (1) curriculum content, which includes a number of subjects, and (2) curriculum objectives, namely to control a number of subjects, which is denoted by

Some Commentaries on Curriculum Glossary

* The curriculum includes content and subject matter.
* The curriculum as a learning plan
* The curriculum as a learning experience

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