Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pengertian Masyarakat Perkotaan

Understanding Urban Society

Urban communities is often called an urban community. Understanding of urban society more emphasis on the nature of life and life traits that are different from rural communities. There be some prominent features in the urban community are:

1. Religious life is reduced when compared with religious life in the village.

2. City people in general can take care of himself without having to depend on others. What is important here is the human individual or individuals.

3. The division of labor between town citizens are also more assertive and has real limits.

4. The possibilities for getting a job as well as more city residents obtained from the villagers.

5. The interaction occurs more frequently based on factors of importance on personal factors.

6. Time sharing a more thorough and very important, to be able to pursue individual needs.

7. Social changes with a real look at the cities, because cities are usually open to outside influences.