Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pengertian desa

Understanding village

What is meant by the village according to Sutardjo Kartodikusuma argued as follows: Village is a legal entity in which resides a community of government itself.

According Bintaro, the village is a manifestation or goegrafi unity, social, economic, political and culture have placed it (a region), in the relationship and mutual influence with other regions.

Medium according to Paul H. Landis: pendudunya Village is less than 2500 inhabitants. With characteristic features as follows:
a) have a social life that know one another among thousands of lives.
b) There are ties of the same feelings about the eagerness to customs
c) How to (economic) is the most common agrarian highly influenced nature such as climate, natural conditions, natural wealth, while non-agricultural employment is to be odd.

Hopefully, this understanding can bermaanfaat Village, Thank you.