Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pengertian PAKEM

Understanding PAKEM

PAKEM stands for Active Learning, Creative, effective, and fun. Active means that the learning process the teacher must create an atmosphere so that students actively asked, questioned, and suggested the idea. Learning is an active process of the learners in developing their knowledge, not a passive process which will only accept running a lecture about the knowledge of teachers.

Broadly speaking, the image of contextual learning is as follows:
1. Students engage in various activities that develop their understanding and ability with an emphasis on learning through doing.
2. Teachers use a variety of tools and inspiring ways, including using the environment as a learning resource to make learning interesting, fun, and suitable for students.
3. Teachers organize classroom by displaying books and learning materials more attractive and provides a 'reading corner'
4. Teachers taught how to apply a more cooperative and interactive, including how to study groups.
5. Teachers encourage students to find their own way in solving a problem, to express his ideas, and melibatkam students in creating their school environment.

Hopefully, this understanding can bermanfaaat PAKEM for colleagues who are looking for your understanding, Thank you.